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Listed below is the list of servers available to unaffiliated customers.

Our Guarantee

All of our web hosting services are backed by HostVibe's customer satisfaction guarantee.

Please be aware that the sales of Dedicated Hosting are only refundable within 7 days of first-time purchases (not including add-ons and licenses).


All Dedicated Hosting Includes

DDOS Protection

All of our plans include top tier DDOS protection mitigation, up to 75tbps. Our datacenter allows up to 100gbps of bandwidth, if you need over 1gbps you can upgrade!

Hosting Control Panel

Our dedicated hosting comes with a control panel that gives you direct root access into your machine. You can use this to manage your server, install software, and more.

Smart Measures of Defense

Our dedicated hosting comes with a security measures that will dynamically block incoming and outgoing connections based on a specific amount of failed login attempts.


Complete hosting solutions starting at $2.25/mo!